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December 10, 2019

Dating sites have become a casual tool for singles, who are looking for a couple. Some of these services are known and used for decades. Mainly they are popular because of a significant number of testimonials from happily married couples, which were gathered for years. Some of them are relatively new and have less audience and respectively less number of successful stories. But does it mean they should be ignored in favor of more popular ones? The answer is definitely doesn’t!

A good LoveFort of relatively “young”, but a reliable dating site is It was created in 2013 with the mission to help lonely men find perfect wives and succeeded in this mission a lot. Now it has over 2 300 000 members, 400 000 out of them are regular. reviews assigned it with a 9,5 rate from 10, which is really almost excellent result. And in this one, you will be able to find all the truth about LoveFort that will help you to make an informed decision after. So let’s start with general information.

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Pros and Cons


  • Quick and simple registration process;
  • Large database of attractive women;
  • High-security level, including:
  • Complex encryption;
  • Careful verification;
  • The free trial period for new users.


  • The mobile app was not launched yet;
  • No functions are available before the verification process is completed.

What Is

LoveFort is a relatively new site. It means that all possible flows of older competitors were improved and some innovative things have been implemented on this website. First of all, customer service is mainly aimed to protect male’s interests, because this site presents itself as a helpful tool for men mostly. The second point is that it is a global international platform, which connects hearts from all over the world – the USA, Canada, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, China, Thailand. Searching there for love you will be surprised at how easy it is to find the exact woman you want to live with or maybe even two (lol). And the last one valuable point is the ease of use. The site has an intuitively understandable interface, which does not require any specific knowledge and can be easily used by people of any age from 18 to 90.

If you are looking for serious relationships with a real woman, would like to date her soon and create a strong family together, you should definitely pay your attention and the LoveFort review provided below. The main advantage of applying any dating service is the ability to communicate remotely and anonymously at the beginning and feel more comfortable about this. Additional privileges are an option to select the woman to communicate with, searching interesting profiles and initiate dialog with the most attractive ladies. The list of the pros and cons that LoveFort users have marked is mentioned below, so do not be too lazy and take a look ta it.

How Does LoveFort Work?

The main working scheme of LoveFort is common with other dating platforms. First of all, you should go through a simple registration process, which in detail will be described below. Then you should specify information about yourself just in your new profile and upload at least a couple of your photos there. And once you passed these two steps, you are ready for the search of your second half and maybe even a future wife. But let’s do it step by step with a full explanation of each of them.


Once you click on the link of the official site you will see the start page a brief standard registration form where you will need to enter the following information:

What is your sex and whom you see as a couple? To fill out this bar, you will need to select an answer from the following options:

  • Man seeking for a woman;
  • Woman seeking for a man;
  • Woman seeking for a woman;
  • Man seeking for a man;
  • Name;
  • Your date of birth (day, month, year);
  • Your email address;

And the next bar should be filled in with your password that you will use to enter into your account on this website.

Once you agree with Term of Use, Cookie and Privacy Policies and Risk Notice, your registration process is done. As you can see, it will not take a lot of your time, probably even less than a couple of minutes.

Profile Quality and Search

If you are the type of man who understands the value of his time, you will be glad to know that women’s profiles on this dating platform have a lot of information about them. Namely, information about their marital status, hobbies, views on their future family, harmful habits like smoking and drinking and so on. So you will be able to get basic information about the woman before you communicate with her. It will surely save a lot of your time. The website has a couple of search tools that can work at the same time, so let’s explore both of them:

The first is the standard search filter that allows you to sort women’s profile by using the following criteria: women’s age and county of origin. So if you have specific desires and expectations about these two points, you will be able to narrow the range of your search down. The second is automatically recommendations from the site. every single day the site will provide you with a few women’s profiles that it recommends to you. These recommendations based on the information from your profile, so do not be too lazy to fill it in properly and fully.

Client Support Service

Since we are speaking about international dating resources, we should understand that there are so many people from so many countries that have their accounts there. And all of them live in different time zones. Only in the USA, there are four of them. so the question about the working hours of the client support team of the site is more than important. Because nobody would like to be left with his problem by himself and FAQs option. That is why LoveFort’s client support team of professionals will be able to serve you any time of the night and day.


As you can already understand based on all the information mentioned above, this website provides members with a high-quality service. Security systems, 24/7 support team, advanced searching tools and so on. And to keep service on the same high level or even better, there should be a team of professionals. That is why it cannot be for free. Moreover, a paid basic system helps to filter those people who are not serious enough in their desire to find their special ones and just would like to have fun there.

Anyway, the site provides you with the number of free credits that will be enough to test the site’s functionality. Because only after personal use you can make one hundred percent informed the decision, would you like to continue to use this platform or not?


If you are looking for an international online dating platform with a well-proven reputation, LoveFort will meet your requirements for sure. All the features and tools there will help you in your search of your future girlfriend, the bride and maybe even wife. And who knows how soon you will meet her on the site and date her in real life in some cozy restaurant in her native city.


Is It Free To Create An Account There?

Yes, it is.

Does The Website Have A Free Trial Period?

Yes, you will get some free credits after registration.

Does The Website Have A Big Enough Number Of Active Users?

Yes, right now it is more than 400 thousand of them.

Is It Easy To Become A Member?

No, it will take less than five minutes of your time.

Does The Website Have Advanced Searching Tools?

Yes, they are described above.

Is It Easy To Use The Site?

Yes, because it has a modern design and intuitively understandable navigation.

Is LoveFort Good Dating Platform?

Everyone should find the answer to this question by themselves. But if the criteria are the number of couples that this website helps to create, the answer will be “yes, of course”.

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